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Hi Guys!
Finally I have this post for you, who really wanna know about this product, SHIZUKA HAIR.
Today, many of Shizuka hair products sold in Indonesia. Hair clip extensions, bun, ponytail, half wig and wig. Curious about this product and hard to find the review, now you can read this post.

Here is the picture of my real bangs.

All you need is 2 bobby pins.

Now, clip the bangs on your real bangs. Here is the detail picture of the bangs.

Now, you can see the root of bangs looks so weird. remember always choose the right color, which is the most similar with your real hair. Actually my is dark brown just like the bangs, but my real hair root color is black. I think I should dye it again.
So, the solution of this problem is easy! Just put a cute hairband and use it between the real hair & the bangs extension.

See, it's really work!

I like this product because you don't need to straighten it. But, the length is too short for me. I have a wide forehead so... I need a longer bangs. You can read my S-Cawaii bangs extension review  >>  CLICK HERE!


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