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I think this morning is a good beginning of a good day to write a post. Again and  again I write about Ulzzang. This post is about how to go to the office with Ulzzang. Ulzzang not only can be used to go to campus or hanging out with friends. This also can be used to go to work or on the day when I had to meet the client.
Ulzzang is very simple but fun!

Wearing a white shirt is a very ordinary as well as mix it with the span skirt. Choose the neutral color for the skirt, such as black or gray. The different is trying to use a skirt above the knee a little more about about 10 cm shorter, and then mix it with a tight . Do not use a sheer stockings! Because the skin color will be visible so as to make the impression a bit vulgar. Remember, we'll go to the office to meet with the client and even the boss. So do not make them so negative because of the clothes that we use. Tight is the right choice, use the black one because it is a neutral color.You can also wear a jacket or a blazer that has the size of shoulder line which fit your shoulder. No matter the size width and length, if you use the appropriate size of your shoulders, the jacket or blazer will look very good to wear.

Now wear not too much accessories such as rings or earrings, choose the simple one! Also wear a pair of high heels, which has heels as approximately 5-7cm, and again again choose black.
The last is make up. Make up is important too, because it can cover a tired face, for example due to work overtime. You can read the make up tutorial in HERE!

I hope this post will help you to get more stylist in the office, anyway today I'm gonna attend BINUS Job Expo and try my luck to get a good job for me. Which fit with what a want  and the skills I got. So, wish me luck, Guys!


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