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This is the first time I tried the Bohemian Hair style. It usually requires to have long hair, threshing and somewhat choppy. Anyway, I choose the style that is braid across the forehead. It's super simple and easy to make, very lucky if you have long hair. Just make a small braid on the side of your hair, then stretched across your forehead and use two or more bobby pins for clipping to otherside of the hair. got your Bohemian Hair.

Both, Gyaru and Ulzzang love this hair style!  I love Bohemian Hair too!

Then what if you don't have long hair or wanna have a braid with a different hair color with your real hair. Well, now a lot of hair accessories that are sold in the form braid headbands which has a rubber. So for you who want to style your hair like this but with short hair, you can use this headband.


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