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I've long wanted to write this post. Finally I have the right time to do it. So guys, do you know that black ribbon can make you look more cute. Yes, this simple and cheap accessories, can truly change your appearance to be more cute!

It can be very influential on your appearance, especially if you wear collared shirt.
The size and the length of it is doesn't a matter. Then why it is black, why don't other colors such as pink. Well, it's because black is a neutral color and can be combined with any color. You will not be difficult to choose accessories such as shoes or handbags with colors that can easily fit in your clothes.

White shirt is the perfect match for it. Sometimes white shirt looks too plain and boring. 
See, how the black ribbon change my appearance. Super easy, simple and cheap. The best is super good for Gyaru and Ulzzang!

Try it Guys and Good Luck!


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