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Hi! Today I wanna share you a nice skin care tool.
It's a Water Drop Bamboo Charcoal from My Konjac Sponge.
Anyway, Konjac is a plant which grown in Asian like Korea and Japan.
If you wanna know more , you can check in here.
Konjac sponge is made by its root which has a very soft texture.

Super cute right?
The left one is before absorb water so it looks dry.
So before and after you use this sponge, you have to soak in water and squeeze it.

Why I choose the black water drop one is because it is effective for cleansing and eliminating blackheads.

Here is me with the full make up. I starting to set my eyebrow fuller just like ulzzang :D
I usually remove my make up with cleansing oil then rinse my face with water.
After that I use facial foam to clean all the oil and make sure that all the make up gone completely.

So now, instead of using facial foam I use konjac sponge.
Take the konjac sponge and massage to the face in circular direction without any cleansing soap.
I repeat without any cleansing soap!

TADA! Here I am without any make up after using the konjac sponge.

I've used is for about one month and it makes my skin smoother and more moist :)
If you interested to buy, please check out My Konjac Sponge, NOW!
Ok, bye for now~


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