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This post is for IBB January 2013 Make Up Challenge. The theme is Must Have Red, wohoo~ so excited. 

Anyway first time I read it, I imagine to apply red lipstick on my lips but what about the whole make up? I try to do an experiment for this contest. I decided to do Ulzzang make up with red lips! As you know, ulzzang has gradient pinky lips or maybe sometimes red but not completely red. OK enough for opening, here are my pictures:

Closer look

Not bad huh? Red lips for ulzzang.
If you wanna look like an Ulzzang you have to wear a pair of circle lens to make your eyes look bigger.
You also have to cover all the spots on your face, because Ulzzang has a flawless skin.
Remember to contour your nose and face to look slimmer.
Draw your eyebrow and eyeliner bold.
Ok done! 

I hope I'll be one of the finalist pretty please God, or maybe the winner :D
I know so many contestant whom are better than me, but nothing to lose~

If you are an Indonesian and have a blog, you should be join too, CLICK HERE!
Good luck to us!


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