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Hi! How's your weekend?
Today I wanna share my experince with Citra Night Whitening Lotion.
Did you know that taking care of your skin at night can improve the skin tone and reduce skin blemishes, also hydrating the skin. Night skin care routine allows your skin to breathe and heal.

That's why I apply layering skin cares onto my face before I go to sleep.
Of course not only face, my body skin needs those nutrients too!
So, I apply this lotion. 

Why Citra Night Whitening Lotion?

Well, it has many benefits. This Citra Night Whitening Lotion contains mulberry extract and grape seed oil.
Ok, now let me tell you about them.
Mulberry rich of vitamin A and anti-oxidants which can protect skin.
And you know what, there was a research about anti-oxidants in mulberry and the result is it can remove dark spots on your skin!
How about grape seed oil?
Well, similar to mulberry, grape seed oil also has anti-oxidants which super good to repair sunburn skin.
So the combination of the two will make your skin whiter and healthier.

Not only the benefits, I like the smells and the texture of this lotion.
It absorb easily into your skin.

I've tried this lotion for 2 weeks and it's amazing!
My skin looks brighten and of course healthier.
It hydrates my dry skin while I'm sleeping so when I wake up in the morning my skin feels smooth and moist!
Love this lotion!

If you wanna know more about his product, CLICK HERE!


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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