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Plaza Senayan, one of shopping mall in Jakarta which I often visit to buy my drawing tools. But last, Saturday I was there to attend an event by Lancome at Metro, Plaza Senayan. They just opened a new counter there.

Plaza Senayan (PS), salah satu mall di Jakarta yang sering aku kunjungin untuk beli alat-alat gambar. Tapi hari Sabtu ku datang ke PS untuk menghadiri acara dari Lancome di Metro. Mereka akan membuka counter barunya.

Lancome also has a new foundation, Teint Vissionnaire. It isn't just a normal foundation but also has skin care.

Selain itu juga ada foundation baru, Teint Vissionnaire. Produk ini gak seperti foundation lainnya, ada kandungan skin care juga.

When you open the cap, there is a concealer too! I also got a sample in mini jar, my shade is 03.

Kalau dibuka tutpnya ada bagian concealer juga. Aku juga dapat sample nya, warna 03.

Anyway, the event was so fun! There is a face illustration booth. I got the first place in line :D What do you think about the result? 

Acaranya seru bangt lho! Ada face illustration juga, aku paling pertama nyobain :D Gimana menurut kamu, mirip gak?

Beside that, there is a make over booth too! All the visitors who come can get a free make over, yay! But I think I'm good with my makeup anyway.

Ada make over juga, jadi kamu bisa di dandanin di sini, gratis lho. Tapi aku gak ikut coba soalnya udah dandan :D

Not only that, a makeup competition was hold around 2 pm. There were 3 contestant and the theme is flawless look. They only had 15 minutes time to create the look.

Selain itu ada lomba makeup juga, temanya flawless look. Para kontestan yang jumlahnya 3 orang hanya dikasih waktu 15 menit.

Congratulation to Jesslyn (mua) and Dewi (model) who won the prize! Jeselyn did a great job, using the new Lancome foundation to cover up the imperfections yet still looking natural.

Selamat untuk Jesslyn (mua) dan Dewi (model) yang jadi pemenangnya! Jesslyn jago banget pakai Lancome foundation yang baru untuk menutupi noda di wajah tapi tetap kelihatan natural.

Finally, the ribbon cutting ceremony by Lancome & Metro representations. Check out the video below.

Akhirnya acara gunting pita dari perwakilan Lancome & Metro di akhir acara. Lihat video di bawah ya.


I got a goodie bag from the event, you can see the products in the picture below. I've tried the foundation and will do the review soon.

Aku juga dapat goodie bag, kamu bisa lihat apa aja isinya dari foto di bawah. Aku udah coba juga foundation-nya, nanti aku buat posting review-nya deh.

Don't forget to visit the new Lancome counter at Metro, Plaza Senayan which has a modern, sophisticated and feels like home.

Jangan lupa kunjungi counter Lancome di Metro, Plaza Senayan yang konsepnya modern, mewah dan nyaman seperti di rumah.


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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