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Hello hello! I'm back again with a fashion post. I went to a fashion show on last Saturday at Senayan City

Halo halo! Aku balik lagi nih dengan posting tentang fashion. Aku pergi ke fashion show di Senayan City sabtu lalu.

The fashion show by Istituto di Moda Burgo. Yes, my school. That's why I was there. Anyway I came 1 hour before the show start. Too early I know >.<

Fasgion show yang diadakan oleh Istituto di Moda Burgo. Tempat aku belajar fashion design. Aku kemarin datang lebih cepat, 1 jam sebelum acara dimulai. Kecepetan >.<

One of my instructor, Ms. Jelena was looked so busy with camisole on the mannequin. 

Salah satu pengajar, Ms. Jelena keliatan sibuk dengan kamisol di manekin.

The theme was Retro Candy. It's like 50's with pastel colors.

Temanya Retro Candy. Jadi tahun 50an gitu dengan warna-warna pastel.

After that there were 2 fashion parade by Kimchu Day & Francesca Irene. Both are Burgonian (Burgo's student).

Nah setelah itu ada fashion parade juga oleh Kimchu Day & Francesca Irene. Dua-duanya merupakan Burgonian (murid Burgo).

Kimchu day is ready to wear line and a bit ethic with batik. While Francessca Irene is more like edgy I think. I like her collection, especially the jumpsuit.

Koleksi dari Kimchu day konsepnya ready to wear dan sedikit etnik dengan batik. Kalau Francessca Irene lebih terkesan edgy. Aku suka koleksi Francessca Irene, apalagi jumpsuit-nya.

So yeah, that was the fashion show by my school mate. Anyway If you wanna know more about Istituto di Moda Burgo you can come to the open house tomorrow. Visit their facebook for more info about it.

Nah barusan itu fashion show dari teman-teman di sekolah fashion design. Kalau kamu ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang Burgo, bisa datang besok ke acara open house. Bisa lihat informasi lebih lanjut di facebook mereka.

Last picture is my FOTD, say hello to my big forehead LOL. I was at Grand Indonesia before. There were a free makeup by Puspita Martha. Endi did my makeup. I like it so much!

Foto terakhir FOTD, say hello to jidat jenong-ku LOL. Sebelumnya aku ke Grand Indonesia dulu. Ada free makeup dari Puspita martha. Aku di-makeup-in sama Endi , suka banget hasilnya!


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