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Hi, happy monday everyone!
How's your weekend?
I had a nice one and today I wanna share you my report of Kiehl's event on May 18th.
I mention this event in my Kiehl's BB Cream review.

My outfit at the event, I was wearing a babydoll with a legging and a pair of sneakers (my favorite one).
Actually I had a bad day so I decided to braid my hair :D

Anyway, the event hold at Glow, Plaza Indonesia.
As you know that Todd Anthony Tyler will be there as a judge and I'm one of the contestant so I was very excited!

There was a mini photo exhibition by Todd.

Here is the brand manager of Kiehl's. 
I met her again at Shu Uemura event. 
She also brand manager of Shu Uemura.
I'll write the post later, stay tune guys.

Before he came out, the MC asked some of audience what they think about Todd, and here is me answering her question.
I said that I like Todd personality, he's so famous yet very humble :)

(credit: Kiehl's Indonesia)

And then finally Todd came out and say Hi to everyone and then talking about many things.
He said that he already being a Kiehl's loyal customer since about 10 years ago.
He also answering some questions from the audience.

About the contest, here we had the winner.
I know I lost but I'm not sad at all, I also like the winner's photo the most.

OK, here is the best part of all, all the audiences can take a picture with Todd!

I'll tell you what happened before this photo was took.
So I was so nervous meeting him, and I said Hi and then he said, I know you.
I was like OMG! he knows me, I'm so famous LOL
Well, of course he knows me I'm one of the contestants d'oh!
Then you know what, he suddenly hug me!!
Yes, Todd was hugging me, I only want shake his hand but it just happened.
I know my face look so awkward, ahaha :D

I also post this pict on my instagram and he liked and left a nice comment.
See, he's so humble just like what I said :)

If you purchase any products of Kiehl's worth 1,5 million rupiah Todd will take a picture of you.
And for every purchase on that day, some of the proceeds will be donated.

I also got a goodie bag from Kiehl's, I'll try to review and make another post about it later.
Thanks Kiehl's Indonesia for this amazing experience!
See you on the next event~


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