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So, there is a new make up trend in this spring/ summer season.
Well, maybe you guys already know that bold lip colors now is a trend.
I'm so happy because I love love love bold lipstick!
Ok now, let's check out some inspirations from backstage beauty of Spring/Summer 2013.

Start with MISSONI, here is Yumi Lambert.
OMG, she's so gorgeous!
Anyway let's take a look of her lips.
I love the color, it's like neon coral.
It looks so perfect with her green eyes.
Oh btw, if you wear bold lipstick please do almost nude eye make up.
I mean keep your eyes look natural.

(credit: Fashionising)

Next is GILES.
Say hello to the awesome Cara Delevingne.
Look at her lips, oh I'm so in love with the magenta color.
I have a lipstick with the same color from Innisfree.
It's actually a best seller in Korea.
I believe this pop color is also trend in there.

(credit: Beauty Editor)

Cara with the matte red lips for BURBERRY PRORSUM.
This is a classic lip color, just like Marilyn Monroe.

(credit : Style Rumor)

Almost the same with the burberry, PRADA use brighter red and add a highlight on the cupid's bow.
It makes your lips look fuller.

(credit : Paper Blog)

Hey It's Cara again, everyone love her pretty face.
I think her lips color is similar with the Misonni but with the gloss on it.
Actually I don't recommend the eye make up in this picture.
It's kinda too heavy.

(credit : Fashionising)

Overall I love the Giles the most.
How about you?
Ok, now I wanna show you my lipstick collection.

I'm not a big fans of lipstick, honestly I prefer use a lip tint as my daily make up.
But then, I have this amazing lipstick from Lioele which looks like a lip tint, click here to read my review.
Although I love the Lioele L'cret lipstick, my most favorite is the MAC one.
It's in Fushion Pink color and you can read the review here.
As you can see all of them are bold.
So the spring/summer lip color trend is just so me :D

Anyway guys, there is a giveaway held by Merilla May.
The giveaway is about lipstick.
I 'm so want the prize because I don't have any bold red lipstick.
So Merilla sweet heart, pick me please...
I need those lipsticks, well at least one :D

If you wanna to win the lipstick too, go join the giveaway, click here.
Make sure you also read her post about Halloween make up, it's my favorite one!
Good luck guys! I mean good luck to us :D


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