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Last Sunday I went to The Coffee Bean at Grand Indonesia  with my friend to attend Stella Lee's Beauty Class
You must be known who is Stella Lee, yes she's the most famous Indonesia Beauty Blogger.
I'm so excited about the class because she just got back from Japan and will share the make up experience. Sadly, me and my friend were late :( So yeah, we missed the skin care lesson.

The class was awesome.
I learned many things like how to apply face primer, foundation and concealer with your fingers. 
Also the step by step of wearing make up.
The best thing for me is now I know how to apply eyeshadow on my eyelids. 
Here are the results:

I forgot to take the before make up faces :(
But Stella will post it on her blog :D Anyway, each participant got a goodie bag from Menard. Stella said that the herb mask (face scrub) and the blotting paper (oil paper) are the best.
But I still not try any of them.

Stella is such a nice and sweet person! And yes she's a real cutie~
I love her more and more :D
Thanks a lot Stell!


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