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Hello Monday!
It's time for March IBB Make Up Challenge. Wohoo...
I'm so xcited because you know what the theme is Dazzling like Marilyn!
Yes, the legend Marilyn Monroe.
Well actually not only that, but the prize is from The Balm!

I was googling Marilyn Monroe's picture, and here is what I got.
She looks soooo pretty even without any make up, you can see on the left picture.
After applied the make up, BAM! She transforms into a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous female!

Here is my final look inspired by her :

And here are the steps :

1. apply toner all over your face after you clean your face of course
2. apply your favorite moisturizer
3. apply lipbalm to moisture your lips
4. apply your foundation 

5. apply concealer to your spot onto your T & C zone (as the highlight), don't forget the dark circle also the dark spots
6. apply powder with the brush
7. apply eye shadow just like in the picture, light color on the eyelids and darker color on the outer corner
8. draw a black wing liner just like on the picture, using a liquid liner to make it more easier.

9. curl your lashes and apply a black mascara to it looks longer 
10. cut false lashes into two pieces
11. apply it on the outer corner of your lash line
12. draw your eyebrow and brush it to make it more neat

13. it's contouring time, apply a matte bronzer to the side of your nose
14. apply it too at the bottom of your cheek bones
15. apply a natural peach blush on your cheek
16. last, apply a red lipstick on your lips

TADA!! Done done done, but don't forget to draw a mole on your left cheek just like Marilyn had.

I wear a wig on the pictures, sadly don't have any blonde one.
What do you think? Ahaha I a bit shy actually~
Anyway guys, don't forget to join the challenge too!
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