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Hi! Finally new blog post, Yay!
Back to my imaginary world, now is the make up tutorial post.
First of all please check out the youtube video below:

I super love this song, I just don't know why~
I can even replay it hundreds time.
I try to sing it too, but Korean languange is so hard :(

Anyway, this post is a giveaway competition from MIU MIU.
The prize is 2 tickets of BIG BANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR in JAKARTA on 13th -14th October 2012.
Actually, I've already got the tickets.
 I'm going to attend the concert with my sister.
I joined the giveaway so I can win the tickets for my friends. 
I wanna share the excitement with them, so I hope I can be the winner!!

Watch the tutorial video below, sorry for the tiny video resolution :(

Here are the image results. I know I know, GD is wayyyyyyyy prettier than me~

The wig that I modified, I recolor it with CRAYON!
Not with the hair crayon but the real crayon~

I also imitate GD's style in the video.
I wear a Silky shirt & Ripped black jeans also my favourite Cat boots.

OK OK, that's it! If you want to join the giveaway, click here for more info~
See you in the concert~
PS: MIU MIU please pick me as THE WINNER!


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