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7th october 2012 maybe just an ordinary day for you , but not for me.
MUCC, Alice Nine & UNiTE are the guest stars.
And of course I came for MUCC.
My friend and I also sent them a welcoming flowers.

Mr. Oishi Masahiro even took the picture of it then shared in Facebook, click here.
The official twitter of JRock Evolution 2012 also tweet it, click here.

Back to 5 years ago :

This picture was taken in a Japanese event.
Me and 3 of my friends were cosplaying as MUCC.
Yes, I was being YUKKE! I still can't believe that yesterday I just met him!

Anyway, the concert was super awsome!
UNiTE was so cute, their songs were catchy, love the vocalist.
He's super cute, especially while he do the headbang.

MUCC was the 2nd band. I remember ran to the front line and one of the security said: Back to your seat.
I was like hell no! I wanna see YUKKE closer!
So then I went to the 2nd line, HAHA~
First song was Falling Down and I cried cried cried I just can't hold the tears.
YUKKE was in front of me TTATT
He was just too cute, seeing him getting sweat on the stage was a sdbchfuhnfieocjmoewkrowo,woko *speechless*
He sometimes smile to the audience, KILLER SMILE ~ I was dying!!!!!
There were 12 songs and I cried all the songs.
WTF! I was so damn emotional TTATT
The last song was MOTHER, OMG OMG!!!
Mother is their new single, ending OST for NARUTO.
I was honored to listen to this song full and live.

The last band was Alice Nine, I'm not so excited, my eyes blinded by YUKKE.
But their performance was great! Shou is so handsome~
Lucky me, there was a promotion from Sony Music Indonesia.
If you join the Pre Order of MUCC's latest album, you'll get the meet & greet also signed poster by MUCC!
Of course, I joined!

And guess what?
I was holding Satochi's hand tightly ~ so embaracing (>////<)
The best momment was when I hold YUKKE's hand, I said : YUKKE, I love you so much.
Then he replied: I love you too.
I was like, Oh dear GOD I'm about to die!!!!!!
Also, I show him the t shirt that I wore yesterday.

"Marry MI YUKKE"
He said: WOOOOO~
Then Miya (the guitarist-he was beside him) laugh at me..ahaha~ FREAKING CUTE MOMMENT!
After that, Tatsurou gave me the poster.

I was crying again when went out from the meet & greet room~
My body were shaking, my heart beating freaking fast.
I miss him already!
I hope one day MUCC will held a one man show in Jakarta.
Anyway, I can't share the pictures of the concert, sorry.
The rules are no pictures & video taken during the concert :(

Btw, today I wear JRock Evolution t shirt to the office, the size is S but still big on me ahaha :D
I also wear smaller glasses to hide the swolen eyes :(

Last, I thank God for letting me meet YUKKE and tell him my feelings.
My mom too, thank you for gave me the permission to attend the concert.
7th October 2012 was heaven.


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