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Blog berisi review makeup & skin care dan juga pengalaman traveling ke Jepang, Singapore, dll.

Hai semuanya! Kalau kamu udah sering baca blog ini pasti tahu kan aku punya Youtube Channel. Nah, au baru buat channel trailer di Youtube, nonton ya video nya di bawah. Jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE!

Hi pretty people! As you know I just made a Youtube channel and I just uploaded a channel trailer video. You can watch it below and don;t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Kedepannya aku akan buat video tentang fashion juga, kamu juga boleh request kok mau buat video apa. Jadi pastikan kamu SUBSCRIBE! Kalau kamu juga punya youtube channel, boleh banget sharing di commnet, nanti aku Subcribe juga :)

I’ll be posting a fashion video too, so stay tune. You can also request what kind of video do you wanna see. And if you have a youtube channel, you can share by commenting below, so I can Subscribe yours :)


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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