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Hello Gorgeous! Last week, I'm about to buy a beauty blender, then while googling about makeup sponge, I found so many good reviews about Beauty Pod. So, I decided to buy it with my own money.

Halo cantik! Minggu lalu aku mau beli beauty blender, eh pas browsing di google ada banyak banget review bagus tentang Beauty Pod. Akhirnya aku jadi beli Beauty Pod deh.

What is it?
Beauty Pod is a makeup tool which is a sponge, obviously. It's a non-latex sponge which can save your time in application and deliver a flawless finish without a mess.

Beauty Pod itu alat makeup yang bentuknya spons. Bahannya tidak terbuat dari latex dan bisa hemat waktu dandan yang hasilnya flawless.

How to use?
Dampen the beauty pod into water and squeeze out all excess water then place in a towel to squeez the remaining water. Now you're ready to apply foundation in patting motion. Use the pointed shape onto eyes & nose areas.

Masukan ke air lalu peras sampai sisa airnya keluar, pakai handuk untuk memeras sisa airnya. Nah sekarang kamu bisa aplikasika foundation ke wajah dengan menepuk-nepuk. Gunakan bagian ujungnya untuk daerah mata dan hidung.

How to clean?
I mix my regular makeup brush cleanser with luke warm water then wash it with my hands, gently. After that squeeze out all excess water.

Cara membersihkannya juga gampang. Biasanya aku campur pembersih brush dengan air hangat. Terus cuci pelan-pelan pakai tangan. Setelah itu peras sampai sisa airnya keluar semua.

Overall (10/10)
I'm in love with it! It's so easy to use and save a lot of time when I apply my makeup base. The result is so flawless. Unlike other makeup sponge which absorb a lot of your foundation, this Beauty Pod won't do that. It's also cheaper then beauty blender. Thank God I bought it! I highly recommend Beauty Pod to everyone, go buy now!!

Suka banget sama Beauty Pod! Gampang dipakai dan benar-benar menghemat waktu dandan. Hasilnya juga beneran flawless. Gak seperti makeup sponge lainnya, Beauty Pod gak menyerap foundation-mu. Harganya juga lebih murah dari beauty blender. Beruntung banget aku beli ini! Kamu juga mesti beli nih, recommended banget!


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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