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Good news for beauty lovers in Indonesia. Last Sasturday, I was invited to launching event of BIO OIL. Yes, finally Bio Oil  is available in Indonesia. The event was hold at XXI Lounge, Plaza Senayan in Jakarta.

Kabar gembira untuk beauty lovers di Indonesia. Hari Sabtu lalu, aku diundang ke acara launching BIO OIL. Akhirnya, produk ini bisa kita dapatkan di Indonesia. Acara ini diadakan di XXI Lounge, Plaza Senayan di Jakarta.

First, we can enjoyed lunch, which is perfect cause I was hungry lol. And then, we introduced to Bio Oil, what is it and where to get.

Di awal acara kita disediakan makan siang. Pas banget aku lagi laper lol. Setelah itu kita diperkenalkan dengan apa itu Bio Oila dan dimana bisa dapetin produk ini.

After that, dr. Novita Sari Mujahid, SpAk. explained to us, the skin problems which can be helped by using Bio Oil, like stretch mark and some scars.

Setelah itu dilanjut dengan penjelasan masalah kulit oleh dr. Novita Sari Mujahid, SpAk. Apa saja yang bisa diatasi oleh Bio Oil, seperti stretch mark dan beberapa jenis bekas luka.

There were also 2 Indonesian celebrities whom already use and fell in love with Bio Oil, Safina Hasan and Endhita. Anyway, here is my simple makeup. I was in hurry to come to the event after class. Glad that I can make it on time.

Selain itu juga ada 2 selebriti Indonesia yang sudah mencoba dan suka banget sama Bio Oil, yaitu
Safina Hasan dan Endhita. Aku share makeup saat di acara ya. Waktu in terburu-buru datang, habis kelas. Untungnya gak telat.

The event was continued with Q&A session. And finally, Bio Oil was officially launched.

Acara pun dilanjutkan oleh sesi tanya jawab. Dan akhirnya Bio Oil secara resmi diluncurkan.

If you're curious about Bio Oil, check out my review post about it. I'll write the update about acne scars on my face after use this product.  

Nah, kalau kamu penasaran dengan Bio Oil, bisa baca posting review-ku. Nanti aku akan tulis lagi update bekas jerawat di wajah selama pakai produk ini.


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