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There is good news from a famous cosmetic brand, Estee Lauder. They just opened a new counter in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta. It shows more luxury. Estee Lauder want to pamper its customers more and more. Ok, let's see what's in the new counter.

On the front of it, you can try some of the makeup products. There are some interesting products, such as Lip Lacquer and Cheek Rush. This lip lacquer like lip gloss but the color is vibrant. Cheek rush is a blush in gel form.

Ok let's move to the inside, there is a consultation room. According to Estee Lauder's PR, Erfan the design of the room is made ​​similar to Ms. Estee's room. I really like the design, very feminine and luxury. The combination of white and gold color really looks luxurious. 

Nest to it, there is Beauty Skin Studio, here you can try Estee Lauder's makeup products directly applied to the face.

There is also Re-nutiv products which is the famous line of anti-aging skin care, Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting. Luxury skin care products that are made from materials that are very special. 

Estee Lauder also has fragrance products. The fragrance is dominated by floral scent.

See how cool the counteris, anyway its not just a new counter but they got new uniform too for the BAs. The design was made by Opening Ceremony , the duo designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. With a unique style and luxury of course and not forgetting the typical blue color of Estee Lauder. 

Now let's talk about Face Chart competition. There are 15 semifinalist who will be chosen to be 3 finalists.

The creation of my favorite finalists, Endi. The theme is "Summer Breeze", cool huh?

 Last picture with all Indonesian Beauty Blogger :)

So guys, don't forget to visit Estee Lauder's counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue to feel the luxury beauty shopping experience.

Ada kabar baik dari brand kosmetik terkenal, Estee lauder. Akhirnya mereka membuka counter terbarunya di Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta. Konsep counter ini lebih memperlihatkan segi luxury-nya. Estee lauder ingin benar-benar memanjakan customernya.
Mari kita langsung liat seperti apa store baru ini. Kamu bisa mencoba beberapa produk makeup-nya. Ada beberapa produk yang menarik, seperti Lip Lacquer dan Cheek Rush. Lip lacquer ini seperti lip gloss tapi warnanya vibrant, sedangkan cheek rush itu blush dalam bentuk gel.

Masuk ke bagian dalam counter ada ruang konsultasi. Menurut PR Estee lauder, Erfan desain bagian ini dibuat mirip seperti kamar Ms. Estee. Desainnya benar-benar bagus, sangat feminim dan luxury. Perpaduan warna putih dan gold benar-benar terlihat mewah.

Bergeser sedikit ada Beauty Skin Studio, di sini kamu bisa di-make over. Kamu bisa coba langsung pakai produk makeup Estee lauder. Di sebelahnya ada jejeran produk Re-nutiv yang merupakan rangkain skin care anti-aging dari Estee Lauder yang terkenal, Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting. Produk skin care yang luxury ini dibuat dari bahan-bahan yang sangat special.

Nah, kamu juga pasti tahu dong kalo Estee lauder juga punya produk yang wewangian. Ada juga lho di sini, lengkap banget kan counter-nya. Wewangian dari Estee Lauder ini didominasi oleh floral.

Gimana keren banget kan counter-nya, btw gak cuma store nya aja lho yang baru seragam BA-nya juga baru. Gak tanggung-tangung, Estee Lauder meng-hire designer dari Opening Ceremony oleh duo designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. Dngan corak yang unik dan terkesan luxury,tidak lupa warna biru khas dari Estee Lauder.

Ada juga kompetisi Face Chart. 15 semifinalist yang akan diadu untuk menjadi 3 finalist. Hasil kreasi finalist favorite-ku, Endi. Temanya "Summer Breeze", keren ya?

Foto terakhir bersama IBB :) Jangan lupa ya kunjungi counter Estee lauder di Lotte Shopping Avenue!


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