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Remember my post about Bouncia body soap here. Its been 2 months since the first time I'm using it. Before using Bouncia I've always feels my skin become drying after took a shower. COWSTYLE Bouncia Body Soap is to protect skin from dry for dense foam and beauty ingredient. It has "hyaluronic acid”, “collagen” and “milk butter” are contained to make your skin moist and beautiful. Moisture ingredient derived from licorice: “dipotassium glycyrrhizate” is contained to protect dry skin gently.

The bubble of bouncia is fine bubble, so it is possible to remove the dirt for easy and soft. Dense and bouncing lather like a whip cream will be a cushion to prevent the bare skin from friction. Fine lather preserves the skin moisture and rinse off only excess dirt quickly. Realize moist and smooth finish of your skin and keep lasting moist-rich feeling. Daily body care will be more luxury and delight with BOUNCIA.

Anyway, COWSTYLE Bouncia body soap made by COW BRAND. COW BRAND is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years. COW BRAND is No.1 Soap company in japan. So, if you wanna have a healty moist skin I highly recommend this body soap.

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