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I'm a mask addict and so in love with Menard Herb Mask . I got the sample size from Stella Lee's Makeup Class. It's a unique mask with scrub and the packaging is so cute.

I use it every weekend to exfoliate any dead skin on my face. Apply the mask all over your face avoid the eye area. Leave it at least 3 minutes then start to scrub it, gently. Rinse with cold water.

What I love about this product is you can get smoother skin because of the scrub without feel dry. The fact it makes your skin more moist and fresh! The scrub is very gentle too. I've never had any redness on my face after use it. Very recommended! I think I'm will buy the full size if I run out the sample.
So, what's your favorite face mask and scrub?


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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