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I am a lazy busy girl. I work every Monday - Friday and on Saturday I have my fashion design class. Sometimes I overslept then have to rush with time to do my makeup & hair.
I can't do my makeup fast, at least 10 minutes that's why I have to do my hair very quick so I'm not gonna late.

One day I read a blog. One of my favorite MUA from ThailandAmata Chittasenee or Peary.
And saw this picture below, she looks so cute with that hair style. I wonder how to do that. I thought it must be take a long time, until I watched the video tutorial.
It's very easy, simple and quick!

(cr: Peary)

My hair is damaged and frizzy ugly and when I do this style, it just looks better :D

Even Park Sora looks so cute with this hair style.

(cr: Style Nanda)

Ok now let's watch the video tutorial below.

See, how easy it is, now try it! You wont regret it :D


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