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Review time! So here is the 3rd post for today. Two weeks ago a received a package from Cow Style Indonesia, contains with a facial foam and a facial lotion (toner).
Ok first let me review the facial foam.
I have to say that it's the best facial foam that I've ever try ever! I mean the packaging is smart with a pump and the design is simple.

Look at what's come out from the bottle, it's a cute bubble foam. The texture is extremely soft!
When I appy it onto my face, ME GUSTA~

The other thing which I really like is my skin doesn't feel dry.
The best thing is it's quite cheap, the price is only Rp. 58.000,00 for 200ml.

OK now about the lotion. Actually it's more like toner for me. Nothing special about the packaging just like normal toner.

You can see the texture is watery and no color. You apply it onto face using cotton or just pat pat with your palm.
I think it's perfect for oily skin, but it just not for me.

I've used these products for two weeks and I love them! They don't cause any breakouts too, and the price is cheap! I recommend the facial foam for all skin types, but the lotion is only for oily skin.
For more info about SkinLife, click here.


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