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Hey guys, back with the makeup post.
So, today I wanna talk about makeup brushes.
One of the important makeup tool.
To be honest at the first time using makeup I don’t have any brushes, because I think it might be useless.
I know right, I am so lack of knowledge about makeup, but now I know why makeup brushes are important!
It helps me to apply the makeup easier and of course the result will be better.
Now then I wondering why I should buy an expensive one, I mean there are a lot of unbranded makeup brushes in really cheap price tho.
So, yeah I bought a lot of cheap brushes, and you know what it was absolutely awful!
It was harsh on my skin and the worst thing is the brushes keep fall out.
The bristles brushes was like all over my face :(
The brush head loosen or even detach from the handle.
OMG, what a nightmare!
I had a bad experience with cheap brushes, so I throw them away.
Instead of saving money I spent my money for nothing :(

Finally, I decided to buy a good quality brushes.
Not too expensive but the quality is pretty good.
So, here is my makeup brush collection.
As you can see I only have 7 brushes (I still not a pro and a bit confused to pick the right brushes to buy).
Anyway, these brushes are really help me a lot to do my makeup daily.

masami shouko brush

I just bought this amazing brush, 210 Small Blending Brush (67167000) by Masami Shouko.
I use it for blending eyeshadow and contouring the side of my nose, also I can use it to apply the eyeshadow on my lids.
It's like a multi function brush and the price is not expensive for such a great product.
I've already read a lot of reviews by some bloggers about Masami Shouko brushes and then I decided to buy and in love with it!

I definitely gonna buy Masami Shouko brushes again, maybe the 318 Dou Fibre Foundation Brush (67270000).
I heard that a stippling brush can apply powder, blusher and bronzer too.
I'm so curious with this brush.

Anyway guys, this post is for joining Pygmalion Land 8th giveaway and it's all about makeup brushes.
The sponsor is Masami Shouko and I really want to win.
I need the amazing brushes from Masami Shouko!
If you need the brushes just like me just click the image below to join the giveaway.

masami shouko brush

Good luck for us and see you on the next post, bye bye~


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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