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Hello everyone! Today I wanna share you my current favorite mask.
It's a mask cream which help me a lot to recover my skin color, because last November I had a holiday at the beach and I got sunburn :(
So, here is the mask.

If you live in Indonesia you must know this brand.
Sari Ayu is a local cosmetic product from Indonesia.
I got the picture above from a japanese website, I don't know why Sari Ayu don't put the product in their website.
Well, don't worry guys this is not a fake nor a discontinued product.
You can get it at any of Sari Ayu store, I got mine at Grand Indonesia.

Before you use this mask, you have to clean your face then applied it onto entire face.
Leave it for about 20 minutes, after that rinse with water.

I've using this product for about one and a half month, 3 times a week.
It really works!
You can see my before after picture below.
I took the picture with my blackberry in my bedroom with flash.
The left one is the before I use the mask.
It was on the middle of November 2012.
The right one is my face now, finally my skin color is back to normal :D

So, the conclusion is OMG, I'm so love this mask! 
I will definitely repurchase it, the price is pretty cheap too.
If you have the same problem with me, I recommend you to try this product.
I hope it will work on your skin too.

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Ok, bye for now~


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