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So I bet you want a shinning skin too.
Onew SHINee has it. Why oh why he has such a cute baby boy face ...
Well, don't worry! I'm gonna tell you how to have a glowing shining skin like him.

Here are what you have to do:
1. You are totally need these two things: BB cream + Nymph aura volumer

Ok, the BB cream I used here is Precious BB Cream All day strong no.4 (sheer shiny), but sadly it's already discontinue in Korea. So, yes you can use any BB cream.
But, you are totally need Nymph Aura Volumer by Etude House, because this thing would make your skin glowing and of course shining!

Put them on your palm then mix it, (I used over nymph aura volumer actually) :(
Then, apply on your face gently and blend it.

2. Apply a powder on your face, I used Nymph Aura BB Compact All day strong #1.
It has a shimmering & brightening effect.
I used a brush to apply it on my face so the effect looks natural.

Tada! This is the before after picture of my face!

See... I have a shining skin now!! Yay!!
It's sooo easy right? Try it, coz you can also have the shining skin.

PS: All the products are from JapanKorea Shop.


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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