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Last week, I joined a contest held by one of the online shop on Facebook, named Gals Shop. The winner is gonna get make-up from Etude House for FREE! The rules is tagging 50 friends from your facebook friends in 1 picture.
Since most of my facebook friends are online shop (I do love shopping on facebook!), so most of my tags is that they and I tag random ppl without seeing the name first. Then Some of them was unhappy with that tag. I know how they feel coz I do have my own online shop on facebook too. But, if I do not like the picture That anyone tag me so I just remove the tag with out any response leaving Such as comment or pm.

The different things happening to me is there are 2 online stores that gave 2 responses:
1. Leaving pm the which it is so damn rude! that's why I have to share so have to think twice third forth even 1000000000000000000000 times to shop there.
In english it said : "Are you blur? I was typed no still tag but still you tagged!! if you want (the prize) you should buy it! Don't you wish to get it for free!"

*all words was typed CAPS ON!

2. Leaving me a wall with nice words, the which I really appriciate it. Go shopping with the 2nd online shop, it nice ♥
"Sist, please don't tag me a picture from such a contest like that, but you can tag me another picture...thx =)"

*the emoticon smile is so nice for me.

Here is the screenshots from my facebook.

Yes, I keep tagging my friends, If you don't like it, just remove me then or even block, I just don't f*cking care!! I really enjoy joining any contest on social media :D


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