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For you who likes to online on facebook, you must really know about the existence of online shop. Especially that sells clothes, bags and accessories. Do you know that the goods are mostly from China and Taiwan? Only a few that sell goods from Korea or Japan.
I'm not here to discuss online shop or goods it sells, but I want to discuss the secrets of the models. I will give examples of two of my favorite models, which surely you often see the photos on display at some online shop on facebook. These two models look very very pretty. Do you know that you can be like them
too? It's very easy and cheap of course!

Ok, I'll start with her.

I like her because she looks very cute and even though her petite and short unlike most models, but she always fit to use any clothes. one factor that must-have is the skin silky smooth and white. If you do not have white skin, you DON'T need to whiten your skin! You should keep it health to treat your skin EVERYDAY! Use body lotion or butter for dry skin, also use a body scrub. The most IMPORTANT thing is to use a body lotion that contains SPF. On the face, always avoid the direct sunlight. Because it will damage the facial skin that will cause spots.

Now, for the hair. You must have at least shoulder-length hair length. If your hair long, then you're lucky, you need only a curly iron. If you lack in long hair, then use a hair clip extensions made from human hair. If your hair is very short, then use a wig or halfwig which made from human hair. This will give a very natural effect. So no one knows that you are using a wig or a hair clip extensions.


For the eyes. This is very IMPORTANT! For you who have eyes slanted like most of Asian. You should use contact lenses that have the effect of enlarging the eyes. If you want to look natural, use the color black. But REMEMBER, you use contact lenses must be comfortable! To make up in the eyes, use eyeliner and false eyelashes on the top and bottom and then double eyelid sticker is a MUST! Use false eyelashes that look natural, do not be too thick.
Ok, done!
All you need now is just wear
the cutest clothes in your closet, combine with accessories. But DON'T overdo it.

Now is the turn of the second model. What I like about her is she has a good body shape. Just look at her cleavage. She looks really hot is not it?
But you know what, you can also have a cleavage like that even if you only have small breasts.
You DON'T need to perform surgery or do anything else to enlarge the size of the breast. You only need to do is buy PUSH UP BRA.

Push-up bra have pads in it,
so push breasts up and form a cleavage that looks natural.

Now you too can be like them.
You can buy the products I mentioned above at JapanKorea Shop
So, girls try it and GOOD LUCK!


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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