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Guys :DD I'm So Happy....why????
Cz, there is a new product from JapanKorea Shop. It's SHIZUKA HAIR!
The best of it is VERY CHEAP cz they have promotion for new item :)
Now, you can have Tsubasa Masuwaka's look in cheap price! YAY! :D

She looks very cute on this picture. I'll tell you how to style the hair:

1. Make a ponytail on your back hair. If your hair is long, you can make your BUN with your real hair. But, if your hair too short to make it, you can use a BUN extension.

2. Comb your bangs to forward. If you don't have bangs like this, then you can use extension Bangs.

3. Use a cute clip, put it at between bangs and your BUN.

He even looks more cute than the second picture. Ok now, to have such a hair u can do these steps:

1. Comb & Straighten your Bangs to forward. If you do not have customers like Bangs
this, then you can use extension Bangs.

2. Comb & Straighten your hair long. Now, if you do not have a long hair,
I advise you to use straight halfwig.

3. If you have a medium hair, you can use hair clips extension which made from human hair.

If you want to make it more simple, then you can use a wig made of human hair, so it looks natural. :)

Ok, next picture is also a simple thing to do. :)

Make a ponytail and curl the end of your hair. Again, you can use a ponytail extension if you don't have a long hair.

Ah, Tsubasa Masuwaka is totally cute!
She use a kitty bow pin on her head.
Ok first, you can use a human wig or use a bangs extension to have a perfect bangs like this.
Then, use a kitty bow pin on it.

This hair style is suitable for you who have short hair or medium. Follow these steps:

1. Start by curling your hair, but don't do the same thing on your bangs.

2. Straighten your bangs or if you don't have any of it, use a side bangs extension.

The Last is a picture of Tsubasa Masuwaka with her original hair. She really have a beautiful hair. :)

The simple step is for you who have a long tick hair:
1. Straighten your bangs.
2. Curl only your tip hair.

If you don't have a long tick hair you can use hair clips which made from human hair.

OK, that's all I wanted to share with you. Hope it help you to style your hair just like TSUBASA MASUWAKA's hair.
Have a Good Hair Day!
Btw, Happy Holiday! :D

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