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Happy Halloween!
This is the first makeup tutorial mine. If you want to attend a costume party tonight, but do not have any idea what's going to wear costumes and makeup. I will share experiences about the makeup that I normally use when I became a cosplayer. Ok, the answer to the problem above was Gyaru! Why? because their skin is similar to our skin and they use not too much makeup.
Here are the steps:

1. wash your face first;

2. use a foundation with a lighter color than your skin, apply in all parts of the
face including your lips, I'll tell you why later;

3. powder using a lighter color;

4. close your eyes and to use eyeshadow with black color;

5. only then use eyeliner, eye shape following the line on the upper lashes;

6. use white eyeliner or white eyeshadow on the bottom line of the eye;

7. add fake eyelashes, select all that thick fur and long to get a big eye effect;

8. use blush on with 3 colors: pink and orange, and the last peach;

9. shading on the nose with white eyeshadow and blend it;

10. use a lipstick-pink color and then after that use a reddish peach color lip

OK, the make-up is done! Now, it's time for Hair. I use a white wig, but you can use any color or not use any. Hair accessories is a must, if you don't use a wig, that stand out like headbands with a big ribbon or whatever. I use your blue beret which is a gift (gift from France) from my friend Obin.

I use La Tulipe solid foundation & powder, eyeshadow from Bless & Sari Ayu, eyeliner from Oriflame, eyelashes from JapanKorea Shop. I do not know the brand of lipstick, lip gloss and the bush on that I use.

OK, enjoy the Halloween Party, I'm going to have a nice dream now!


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