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This is my very first time trying skin care line from Thailand. I was pretty curious about Gem pudding cream & Lotus Sparkling mask, both are very famous in Jakarta nowadays. I'll let you know my honest opinion about them.

Pertama kalinya nih aku coba produk skin care dari Thailand. Penasaran banget dengan Gem pudding cream & Lotus Sparkling mask, soalnya lagi booming di Jakarta. Nah, di posting ini aku akan ngebahas tentang 2 produk tersebut.

♛ Packaging : (6/10)

The packaging is a little disappointing. It looks cheap. You can see only a white jar with pink text on it. But, the box packaging looks better. You can read all of the information about the products on it.

Aku kurang suka kemasannya. Kelihatan murahan. Jar warna putih dengan tulisan berwarna pink. Tapi kemasan kotaknya kelihatan lebih bagus sih. Kamu bisa baca semua informasi mengenai produk di kemasan kotaknya.

♛ Texture : (9/10) 
 So basically, Bangkok face has 2 products, which are a face cream and a sleeping mask. Let me explain about the texture of the cream. It has thick texture which I like. The cream also has orange color but turns transparent when you apply it onto the skin. While the sleeping mask has pale yellow color. The sleeping mask has lighter texture and very moisturizing. 

Bangkok face ini kan ada 2 produk, cream dan sleeping mask. Menurutku tekstur dari cream-nya thick, tapi justru aku suka. Cream ini berwarna orange, tapi jadi transparan pas kamu pakai di kulit. Nah, kalau sleeping mask nya berwarna kekuningan. teksturnya lebih ringan dan terasa lembab.

♛ Overall : (8/10)
I've used both of the products for almost 3 weeks. My skin become smoother and brighter. Especially after I applied the sleeping mask, I wake up in morninon the next day with fresh bright face. 

Aku hampir 3 minggu pakai 2 produk ini. Kulitku terasa lebih halus dan cerah. Apalagi setelah pakai, sleeping mask-nya, besok paginya wajah benar-benar cerah.

The cream makes my makeup stay long and the foundation glides smoothly. Anyway, I use the gem pudding cream every morning while the sparkling mask once every two days.

Kalau cream-nya membuat makeup jadi tahan lama, terus foundation jadi lebih gampang dibaurkan. Nah, biasanya aku pakai gem pudding cream setiap pagi, kalau sparkling mask setiap 2 hari sekali.

I got this product from KISS Indonesia. So, if you're interested to buy please contact :

Aku dapat produk ini dari KISS Indonesia. Jadi, kalau kamu tertarik dengan Bangkok Face, bisa hubungi:

SMS / WA : 089693668668
Line : milokuma
Pin BB : 2A9F9CC6
IG : kissindonesia


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