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I joined a quiz on twitter last week to win an invitation of Fashion and Beauty Class "From Comfy to Edgy" and I won, yay! This event was hold by The Little Thing She Needs and Make Over. I was so excited to join it, because I've never attend any fashion class before, I mean except my fashion design class.

Minggu lalu aku ikutan kuis di twitter untuk dapet undangan ke acara Fashion and Beauty Class "From Comfy to Edgy"dan aku menang! Acaranya diadakan oleh The Little Thing She Needs dan Make Over. Aku semangat banget, soalnya belum pernah ke acara fashion class sebelumnya. Bukan fashion design class lho.

Well, as usual we have to go to the registration table first.
Seperti biasa, sebelumnya kita harus regostrasi dulu.

And I got some goodies, yay! Inside it there are GoGirl! magazine, shopping vouchers and snacks.

Terus, aku dapet goodie bags! Isinya ada majalah GoGirl!, voucher belanja dan makanan.

Ok, before the show was started I took a picture with Lulut. She's a famous fashion blogger from Indonesia. She's so lovely and of course fashionable as always.

Ok, sebelum acara dimulai aku foto dulu sama Lulut. Lulut itu salah satu fashion blogger yang terkenal dari Indonesia. Selain fashionable, dia juga baik lho.

Ok, here are the makeup products from Make Over on my table. To be honest, Ive never tried any of their product before. So, I was so curious yet excited!

Nah, ini produk dari Make Over yang sudah disedain di masing-masing meja. Jujur, aku belum pernah coba produk mereka. Jadi penasaran banget!

There were a lot of people who came. I think this event was pretty interesting. Most of them said that they don't really understand how to apply makeup.

Ada banyak banget yang dateng ke acara ini. Acara ini memang cukup menarik. Kebanyakan dari mereka gak begitu tahu cara ber-makeup.

Before the makeup class was started, first we talk about fashion. How to look casual yet fashionable. We also got some information about the shoes trend right now. Lulut said that pointy tip shoes and edgy wedges are hits right now.

Sebelum makeup class dimulai, pertama kita ngomongin fashion dulu. Kita belajar untuk styling casual look. Kita juga dapat informasi tentang tren sepatu sekarang ini. Menurut Lulut, sepatu yang berujung lancip dan wedges bergaya edgy lagi ngetren banget sekarang.

We also was introduced to new collection of The Little Things She Needs. My favorite shoes are on the pictures below. 

Kita juga dikenalkan dengan koleksi baru dari The Little Things She Needs. Sepatu yang aku suka ada di gambar bawah ini.


Finally, the makeup class started, yay! So, there were 2 looks. First is casual or natural makeup. Using a soft and natural color on eyelids and lips. I like it so much!

Nah, akhirnya makeup class dimulai. Akan ada 2 looks yang akan diajarkan. Pertama kita akan belajar natural makeup. menggunakan warna-warna yang soft dannatural di bagian mata dan bibir. Aku suka banget!

If we use soft color for the first look, we use more glitter at the second look. Yes, it's an edgy makeup. For lips of course more vibrant color.

Kalau di look yang pertama kita pakai warna-warna yang soft, ditampilan yang kedua ini kita akan pakai glitter. Kali ini kita akan diajarkan edgy makeup. Untuk bibir pakai warna yang lebih terang.

Ok, here are my looks, from bare face to natural/daily and the last is edgy look. What do you think? I also joined a fashion styling competition before the event was over. Sadly I didn't win :(

Ok, berikut ini kamu bisa lihat aku tanpa makeup, dengan natural makeup dan edgy makeup. Gimana menurut kamu? Aku juga ikutan lomba fashion styling, sebelum acaranya usai. Sayangnya gak menang :(

I also got some Make Over products from the goodie bag and I'll write the review soon. So stay tune guys!

Ada beberapa product dari Make Over juga di dalam goodie bag, nantinya akan aku review. Jadi, tungguin ya!


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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