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Ok Ok I'm so excited about Milan Fashion Week Menswear. I don't know since when I'm so love watching menswear fashion show. Maybe because I'm wearing boyish outfit almost everyday to the office and meet a lot of men during the day.

Anyway, MFW (Milan Fashion Week) Menswear Autumn Winter 2014/2015 was started on Saturday 11th January 2013 and ended yestesday (14th January 2013). I'll share some of my favorite designers.

Roberto Cavalli

Coat with a touch of fur accents at the sleeves in black color. I like it, I think I can wear them too! Now is the best time to wear these kind of clothes in Jakarta. Since it's raining like everyday.

Seriously the gold blazer with leather pats are so dope! I love gold! Gold makes me feel glam and it looks sophisticated.

(source, edited by mi)

Red coat, printed shirt or blazer mix with printed scarf look gooooood somehow. If you still don't know what to wear on Chinese New Year, well maybe can try following the style from the picture above.

Overall: I like the Rock'n Roll look yet sophisticated. Watch the video of the collection, below.


Quilted jackets in bright orange color. I think guys need a bit guts to wear them.

(source, edited by mi)

Interesting denim pieces; reverse jacket and pants, ripped pants, mix fabric outer. I'm dying, want them!

Overall: Look interesting but I don't like those saggy pants .


Winter is time to wear the furry pieces right? Like furry hat, jacket or gloves.

(source, edited by mi)

Fendy bugies make the models look cute yet sophisticated.

Overall: I think the collection is so sophisticated. Every man should have at least one piece of them.


Don't you just love the soft color palette? Skinny fit shirt and pants look so young and modern.

(source, edited by mi)

Some leather accent in blazer and pants, look simple but really define the outfit. Leather pants is a must have too in cold weather.

Overall: I think the collection is for the young people. I mean the skinny colorful pants maybe a bit too much for a man.

Among those 4 collections, my most favorite goes to Roberto Cavalli, what about you? Stay tune for the next post about Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn Winter 2014/2015 tomorrow.


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