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Hi there! I'm back with a product review post. Today I wanna share a local product from Indonesia.
It's a whitening mask and pretty popular in here. So, let me introduce you Bengkoang Mask by Mustika Ratu.
The tube contains 125g of creamy white mask. Bengkoang is Jicama root in bahasa.

REVIEW: Masker Bengkoang - Mustika Ratu

After I wash my face I apply the mask onto my face and leave it for about 8 minutes.
On the package it says 10 minutes but I'm afraid it will dry my skin because this is Ramadhan (holy month for Moeslem), I'm fasting and usually my got dehydrated, beside I use the mask everyday :D
I think if you have an oily skin you can apply it for 10 minutes.

REVIEW: Masker Bengkoang - Mustika Ratu

So after a week I use it here is the result:

REVIEW: Masker Bengkoang - Mustika Ratu

The only benefit of it which I know is whiten the skin, but actually it has a lot of beauty benefits.
It can soothing and deflates acne but also helps to reduce scars.
You can see that it really works on my skin.
YAY! I'm so happy because you know what, this mask is so cheap maybe around $2.
I will definitely repurchase it.
So, if you're looking for a good whitening mask and live in Indonesia, I hope this post will help.
See you on the next post!


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