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Hello guys!
So this post is the update of my previous post about Paint on Sneakers Competition.
So here are the progress :

Yes, I choose Hideto Matsumoto X Japan's guitarist as the music icon.
Why? Because I love Japanese Rock music and he's one of the music legend, he inspired many musicians not just in Japan but all over the world.
Here was the almost finish shoe.
On the left side I pained Hide's logo and pink spiders. 
If you love Hide you must know one of the most famous single of him, Pink Spider.
And for the right side of course the motif of Fernandes Hide's guitar.
Ah I forgot to take the back view, I painted X Japan logo on the back.

Last Saturday I went to Plaza Semanggi to give my final shoe and presented it.

Sadly I didn't win, but I still have another chance to win. YAY!
Yes, you can help me to win by click LIKE button in facebook, CLICK HERE!

Please vote for Hide not for me :D
Thanks a lot~


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