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Today I'm gonna share a skin care product which is AMAZING!

The History of Whoo In Yang Sleeping Repair is an oriental herb overnight pack that makes skin surprisingly soft and smooth by the next day as this dosage-type cream gets slowly and thoroughly absorbed into your skin. A court's secret gongjin bidan maintains healthier skin by filling skin with energy over night.

Since last week I have a very serious problem on my skin face, it is because I try a new skincare line but unfortunately it wasn't good for my skin so instead my skin look healthier and brighter it make mine breakouts :(

FYI my skin breakouts only on the chin and left cheek area also there was no acne, only white tiny pimples. They were also invisible, I mean you can only feel it when you touched it.

So sad, but fortunately I got this The History of Woo In Yang Sleeping Repair sample and decided to try it onto my skin, well guess what? The next day all the breakouts disappear!!

It's like a MAGIC CREAM, I mean you only apply a tiny mount of it onto your skin and boom~
My skin problem is just gone~
The texture looks heavy, but it's actually super light and doesn't sticky at all.
It also has light herbal scent which I like.
Anyway, I don't have any acne for now so I don't know is it works for acne problems or not, maybe I'm gonna ask my little sister to try it since she has acne problem.
So, I'm gonna update the result maybe on the next post, bye for now!


I personally tested every product and give my very honest opinion based on my personal experienced. I put additional disclaimer in each sponsored post.

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