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2nd may 2012 was an amazing day!
How to start it, hmmm..

So, I decided to not went to office, not because I wanna attend L'Arc~en~Ciel WT 2012, but I feel sick for like 2 weeks already. So I went to the hospital, the closest one from my house.

I was waiting for the doctor about 2 hours and then he decide me to check the my blood then did the USG. I was so freakin' nervous, I'm so scared of the hypodermic needle!!
So my hand was shaking when the doctor inject and suck my blood with it, surprise surprise it wasn't hurt like I imagined.
Done with the blood test, so I go to the radiology section to do the USG. And it was funny, my belly is full of cold gel on top and I can see inside me! Haha..
Then all done, now waiting for the result for about an hour.
After that I go to the doctor again to hear the conclusion. I was so freakin' nervous!!

Alhamdulillah, the resault wasn't that bad, yeah I am sick now but it's still can be cured.
But then, the doctor decided to do an injection. I was like NO! NO! NO!
He said it would make me feels so much better, then finally I said OK!
Scared like hell, I can't stop saying "Allahu Akbar, Astagfirullah"
Surprised surprised my blood vessel are too tiny so two of them were rupture!
Oh GOD, it was so hurt, I'm wanna cry! T.T

Finally, the 3rd one was good, now time to redeemed at a pharmacy.
Surprise surprise the total payment was so damn expensive!!
I even can buy 2 more Laruku's premium tickets! Oh God, it means I can't buy nothing at the concert.. T.T

OK OK, I don't mind. I just wanna be in the concert.
So I pray hard, knowing that I'm sick made me think :
Can I go to the concert?
Is my body gonna be OK?
Am I gonna collapse during the concert?
Ah.. so many bad things in my head!!
Stop Stop Stop I should stop thinking the negative things!
So I keep pray hard to God, I believe God won't let me down. Beside, it was like 10 years of waiting. This is the day! Yeah, I'm so ready steady go to the concert!!
So, I went home to meet my mom and my lil bro. Having lunch and taking a bath, and wussssss go to TIS Square to meet my friend, who has the tickets. I have had a cup of hot milk and lil chit chat and yes, we are ready steady go to Lapangan D Senayan!
Finally reach the location, the queue in gate one was quite long, then decided to see the stands in the venue, like I said before I can't buy nothing, everything was expensive and my money was gone at the hospital!! F!
So I just bought a beef kebab and a mini bottle of mineral water, then decided to join the queue to second gate.
Surprise surprise, I met my drumer & guitaris. Ahhhhhh so happy!! I miss them so much! Btw, I was a manager of a japanese club band in the collage. OMG, the queue was so damn loooooooooong!! I was queued for like one and a half hours and my legs were so damn tired!

At 7:30 PM, finally in front of the stage! Here is the view of mine: not bad, HAHA!
Still 30 minutes to go, so I ate the kebab and sit down, prepare the energy. Surprise surprise about 5 minutes before the show start, it was raining and there were thunderbolt too! Then suddenly there is an announcement that if it's still raining with the thunderbolt the band wouldn't show up.

Alhamdulillah - thank God, finally about at 8:07 PM the concert was started.
The sceens was on and I was screaming like crazy, my body is shaking, my heart was beating so freakin' fast, my head telling me that Hey, I'm in the Laruku concert, and it was in Jakarta, Indonesia! This is the real concert!!
And then I heard a sexy beautiful voice, Hyde's voice! OMG OMG! AAAAAAAAAA!! I screamed again and I cried!
It was his voice, the voice of Hyde! Btw, the first song was Ibara no namida.

Then Chase and God Luck My Way

I can't stop screaming, singing, dancing and of course jumping! OMG the energy of all the Indonesian Cielers was super crazy! After 3 songs Hyde spoke in Bahasa!!!
OMG! He's so damn sexy! I mean he's the hottest man on earth, I'm dying!!

He said "Kalian senang bertemu Aku? Aku? Aku juga! Ah Jakarta~ Selamat menikmati. Selamat menikmati."
In english "Are you happy meet me? Me? Me too! Ah Jakarta~ Please enjoy. Please enjoy."
Then Honey & Drink It Down!

After that, Revelation! OMG, the energy... can you feel it? I still can feel it, with only watch the video... A huge love energy ~ Next song is a balad song, Hitomi no Jyuunin.

And the nex song is XXX (kiss kiss kiss) in English version. For God shake, Hyde was super HOOOOOOOT!!! I'm crying, I don't know why, I mean it isn't a balad song. Hyde was just too sexy, I'm dying!! T.T

Ok, next song was FATE, to be honest I don't know the song so well.

And then after that, I heard a beautiful drum beat from Yukihiro. Guess what the next song was Forbidden Lover. Ok, another time to cry so yes I cried out, untill I realized that Hyde was crying too. But why even when he is crying still look sexy!

After that, Ken did his guitar solo performance, it was awsome!! Then My Heart Draws a Dream. "Yume wo egaku yo"  ah... it was so beautiful..

OK OK, next Ken MC, it was super funny!! He spoke in Bahasa!!

"MANTAP! Selamat Malam Jakarta! Kami L'Arc~en~Ciel. Mantap!
Gua kemarin lusa foto di Kota Tua, foto - fotonya keren banget.
Jakarta tu panas gila ya, makanya gua kemaren berenang. 
Pengennya sih sama cewe-cewe pake bikini, emang nasib adanya gua ama temen-temen gua.
Hari ini ada yang pake bikini gak? Bikini? 
Semalam gw makan nasi goreng, mi goreng, sama sate, nasi gorengnya gokil! 
Man Man? Man Man Man? ManManManManManManManManManMan? 
Gua beli oleh - oleh buat Hyde di Pasaraya. buka buka. 
Gua beli wayang, suara petir, pulpen wayang, suling, gamelan kecil, ganjelan pintu.
By the way busway, si Hyde sekarang pasti gak ngerti gua ngomong."

In English:
"SUPERB! Good Night Jakarta! We are L’Arc~EN~Ciel, SUPERB! Yesterday I took some pictures in Kota Tua, the pictures were pretty cool. Jakarta is super hot, so yesterday I decided to swim. It would be great if there were some girls wearing bikini accompany me, unfortunately there were only me and my friends. Is there any girl wearing bikini here? Last night, I was eating fried rice, fried noodle and satai. The fried rice was super yummy! I bought some souvenir for Hyde in Pasaraya, I bought wayang, wayang ballpoint, a toy that can crate a thunder sound, a Sundanese flute, mini gamelan and door stopper. By the way, Hyde musn't understand what I'm talking about."

Ok now, Ken try to explain the souvenir. They both look super cute! Especially Hyde, he's extremely CUTE while try to blow the Suling. At the end, Hyde said "Terima Kasih!" means Thank you! and Ken said "Sama Sama. Abis ini gua bakal suru Hyde mainin tu suling ama gamelan. Mantap! Man man man? Dan selanjutnya.. Seventh Heaven."
In English: "You are welcome, after this I will make Hyde play the flute and gamelan. Next is Seventh Heaven."

Continue with Driver's High. Ah the energy... I just can't stop singing and jumping!!

Testu did his bazz solo continued with Stay Away!

Then guess what? Hyde shouted "Are you fucking ready?" Yeah! It was Ready Steady Go! The big fireworks were so damn cool! It was continued with Yukihiro drum solo!! It was sugeee!

Then, they took a break. For about 5 minutes later, the audience including me start to sing the reff of Anata. Suddenly the sceen is on again and display the lyrics. So now all the audience sing a long together. And you know what at that time it was raining. It was perfect!

Surprise Surprise next song was The Fourth Avenue Cafe! Who doesn't know this song if you love Rurouni Kenshi or Samurai X anime. I was screaming for like hundred times and of course singing!

After that Link! At that time I felt so tired like I lost my energy but then Hyde said "Jakarta. Jump Jump Jump!" I was like You jump I jump! Ahaha :D Btw, in the middle of the song there were Tetsu MC. Yes yes, he spoke in Bahasa.

He said "Selamat malam. Gua SUJU dari Korea. Gua salah. Suaranya mara? (It should be mana, buut he said mara :D) Suarana mara? Apakah kamu mau pisang gua? Atau mau jilat lolipop gua? Masih mau di teruskan? Masih mau diteruskan?"
In English: "Good afternoon! I'm SUJU from Korea. I was wrong. Make some noise! Make some noise! Do you want my banana? Or lick my lollipop? Do you want to continue? Do you want to continue?"

Oh No! I was just looked at my watch and realized that it's already 10:00 PM. It means the concert would be over soon :(
Yes I was right, suddenly Hyde said "Kamu senang? Kamu senang? Aku juga! Kami datang Indonesia Lagi. Ini lagu terakhir."
In English : "Are you happy? Are you happy? Me too! We'll be back to Indonesia. This is the last song."
I was hoping it would be Niji and yes it was. My most favorite song. I cried, OMG finally I can hear the song live! It was heavenly.

At the end Hyde said "Terima kasih, kami datang lagi". It means "Thank you, We'll be back again".
Tetsu said "Terima kasih. Matte~" Which means "Thank you, see you".
Ah, the concert was finally over. I was a super duper mega ultra AWSOME! I thank GOD for everything that happend at that day. I mean I got 3 injections in the morning but at the end of day I met the HOTTEST Man on Earth (Hyde) :D

It's like one day my heart draws a dream and I keep chasing it and everything that happend whether it was happy or sad, I will always try to smileanata ga iru kara.

All the video credit by Indonesian Cielers <3


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