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Ulzzang in Korean language means "Best Face". It became very famous in Indonesia recently because  Korean music is being the trend now. Now, I wanted to share how ulzzang eyes makeup. Ulzzang eyes make up impress dolly eyes , but different with the gyaru, ulzzang looks more natural. Now, you can see the picture below. How to read starting from the left image top to bottom and then followed by top right image and so on.


The first picture is how to apply foundation or BB cream, mostly used by Korean people. Apply it to all surface of your face.
Then the next picture is the making of the eyes line. Use black eyeliner pencil or liquid whatever you like. Just don't create full eye line at the lower eye, only half of it. Then Use circle lens with natural color, such as black, gray or brown. this is very very important ビックリマーク

After that, provide mascara on the top lashes and also the bottom.

Next, use a white eyeliner pencil on the remaining part of the lower eye.

TADA..Here are the Ulzzang eyes ビックリマーク

note: the picture isn't me, She is Korean Model, I forgot the name :(
Here is my ulzzang eyes (Pict Spam)  チョキ

My Ulzzang eyes チョキ

My eyes , left is before use circle lens and the right is after using it チョキ

Try it Girls, Good Luckビックリマーク Hope you enjoy the tutorial, sorry for bad image resolution :(



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